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Random Information (fun facts!)

After we contracted the construction of the outside of the building, our family built everything on the inside, including walls, ceilings, floors, electric, and plumbing.

For our Grand Opening, we had in excess of 400 people visiting for tours and celebration over a period of four hours--our parking lot was crammed!

We shelled approximately 250,000 pounds of pecans for clients during the 2004-05 pecan crop, and our wait for small batch custom shelling was sometimes at four weeks!

Our freezer, used to keep pecans from spoiling during the summer months, is 10 feet by 20 feet and is 14 feet tall. That's 2800 cubic feet (a bunch)!

The shelling floor in our shop has a thing we call "the pit" under the pecan float. It's an eight-inch depression in the floor used to catch the 200 gallons of water that is used in this piece of equipment when we're draining it after use.

I have been asked several times where we came up with the color green and the name Valley View. Highway 9A, the road that on which we are located, was given the name Valley View Road so we used that name for our business. About the color green--I think the first logos that we received from a publisher were in green. Those bits of information were random, but I'm not sure that they were exciting!

Over that past 33 years that my father has been shelling pecans for many people. However long that seems to some of us, there are still quite a few that have been patrons for the entire span. We hope that they keep it coming!