• Custom Small Batch Processing

    Price: $0.50/lb inshell weight

    Custom small batches usually range from 10 to 200 pounds and are grown by individuals who both enjoy picking up their harvest and also cleaning them after they have been cracked and shelled. These batches are run through our pecan crackers, a sheller, and a blower to remove lots of shells and dust from the edible goodies. After processing they are put in a new brown paper sack. Rest assured that you will receive the exact pecans that you worked so hard to pick up!

  • Commercial Large Batch Processing

    Price: $0.60 to $0.70/lb inshell weight, depending on amount and season

    (300lb minimum)

    Commercial batches are usually harvested mechanically by larger growing operations or individuals with lots and lot of trees. These batches will be cleaned completely of shells and defects, and will be packaged in 30lb cases with halves and broken pieces separated. This is our health-inspected process, so the inshell pecans are dipped in hot water to sanitize them before cracking.

    We specialize in shelling both wild native and papershell varieties.